Seller Guide - Adding Products

Now it’s time to add some products. Start with your best selling products – approximately 5 to get you started.

In the top menu bar click on PRODUCTS/PRODUCT  then +ADD PRODUCT


Complete all of the fields:

CHOOSE PRODUCT - Defaults to Normal Product

PRODUCT NAME - Type the name of your product here

PRODUCT TYPE – Select the option that best describes your product

  • Packages (i.e. accommodation, meal and massage package; or a produce hamper)
  • Products (items for sale that can be shipped or collected)
  • Vouchers (gift vouchers, vouchers for experiences/products)

DESCRIPTION – include a brief description of the product

PRODUCT POLICY use this section to include information about any specific terms & conditions, shipping details (i.e. is shipping extra or included in price?), expiry dates on vouchers, or any other details that you feel the buyer should be aware of.

PRODUCT TAGS – Product tags define the way your products are sorted into different categories within the store. They are critical to ensure your products are listed in the right locations on the store. Click into the PRODUCT TAG box and you will see a drop-down menu of Product Tag options. Select all relevant product tags - select more than one tag if applicable to your product. You must select at least one tag.


  • Weight: Add in the approx weight of the item here if your shipping charges are based on weight.
  • Tick the Requires Delivery box if your item is to be delivered. Choose either Free Delivery or Standard Delivery. i.e. Free Delivery for those products where you choose to offer free delivery or include the cost of shipping within the price of the item. If you wish to add delivery charges to the order select Standard Delivery. (See Shipping Configuration for information on setting shipping pricing). Leave the Requires Delivery box unchecked for items that don't require delivery or that will be sent electronically such as vouchers.

PRICING DETAILS – add price of item.

Select CHARGE TAXES ON THIS PRODUCT if your item includes GST.


  • SKU - you can add an SKU or barcode here if you wish or otherwise leave blank
  • TRACK INVENTORY – you can use this section to add in the number of items available if you wish and ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT WHEN IT'S OUT OF STOCK if you are able to fulfil the order within your stated service levels. See PRODUCT POLICY. Alternatively, select Don’t Track Inventory.

VARIANT DETAILS – use this section if this product comes in multiple versions, like different sizes, colours or designs.

PRODUCT IMAGE – add an image of your product. You can add up to 5 images per product. Please try to upload these as square images - ideally 1024x1024px under 5mb.


Congratulations! You’ve just added a product! Follow this process to continue  adding products to your store.

Please note - Product listings need to be approved by The Dindi Store team before they are published as live listings to your store. Our team will endeavour to publish all product listings in a timely manner however there may be a delay before your products appear as live listings on your store.

Next step - Receiving an Order