Seller Guide - Receiving an order

Once a customer places an order they will receive an automatic email notification that their order has been placed. You will also receive two email notifications - the initial confirmation will show as ‘Pending’ meaning the customer has not completed payment at this stage.  Once payment has been completed you will receive a further email stating that the order has been paid.

You can view your payments by selecting ORDERS / ORDER PAYMENTS from the main menu in the seller portal.

When you receive the notification that the customer payment has been completed login to your seller portal and go to ORDERS / ORDERS LISTING in the main menu. Here you can see all your orders. You can see that an order has been placed and paid in this example below however has not yet been dispatched.

To view the order click the the three blue dots under ACTION next to the order and then click VIEW. You will now be able to view all details of the order including the customer's contact details should you need to contact them directly. Please note that the payment details shown here indicate the total value of the order, however the actual monies paid to you will be less 1.75% + 30 cents which is the card processing fee.


At the foot of the page click the Accept and Fulfill Order button. You'll then receive a prompt asking you to accept the order. Once approved the customer will receive an email that the order is accepted.


You will then see a pop up window asking you to fill in the delivery details. Please select the Method for Dispatch and fill in in the Delivery Method field marked with a red asterisk (note you must fill in this section in order to proceed to the next window). You can also add in tracking numbers here if you are using a courier or have an Australia Post tracking number. Once complete click Fulfil

Note - if  you cannot dispatch the item within 2 business days of receiving the order then select Cancel until you are able to dispatch, and notify the customer of any delays.

The screen will then show that the order has been dispatched:


It's important that everyone involved with The Dindi Store responds promptly to all orders. You should aim to dispatch the order within 2 business days of receiving payment and keep your customer informed of any delays or issues.

Please make sure you're familiar with our expectations for Customer Service.