Seller Guide - Shipping (Delivery) Configuration

Now it’s time to add some information and set some rules and pricing for shipping items to your customers. This is accessed via the CONFIGURATION / SHIPPING CONFIGURATION window.

There are two options for shipping:

  • Standard Delivery – used to calculate the delivery cost on products you wish to add charges for delivery
  • Free Delivery – used for products you will deliver for free or where you have included the cost of delivery into the product price

For each product you create you have the option of choosing standard delivery or free delivery and you will do this when you come to the section on Adding Products.

If you're offering free delivery, or including delivery in the cost of each item, then all you need to do here is go to the Free Delivery menu, click the 3 blue dots under ACTION and select the ENABLE option.

If you would also like to be able to add delivery costs as a separate line item at the end of the order then go to the Standard Delivery menu, click the 3 blue dots under ACTION and select the ENABLE option.

Once enabled, click the 3 blue dots under ACTION again and select Delivery Tier Detail

When the Delivery Tier screen opens select ADD NEW TIER

You can choose to add delivery costs to your order based on either the weight of the order or the value of the order. The example below shows a tier that adds shipping charges based on the total cost of the order with delivery charges reducing the greater the value of the order. You could of course reverse this.

Range From

Range To

Delivery Charge














In the example below we are setting our delivery tiers by the weight of the total order and have defined the first tier as between 0 – 500g. Once you have chosen your preferred calculation method and first range press SAVE.

You will now see that your first range has been set. Repeat the process via ADD NEW RANGE until you have set ranges to cover all order possibilities.

Now you have defined the ranges for your Delivery Tier you need to add the delivery charge for each tier. Do this by selecting the VIEW/SET DELIVERY PRICING button in the upper right of the screen. This will pop up a new page. Select the Click here prompt under Step:02.

On the new page you will see this screen:

Note that the weight ranges we defined before are now listed. Unless you are wanting to deliver internationally you only need to set up one country. Select the dropdown box arrow and choose Australia. You will note that the information at the bottom of the screen lists all the States in Australia.

You can now add the shipping fee you are going to charge into each box. If you are charging the same fee for all States then you can select the tick box next to the heading States and complete the top line which will then populate all fields below with that data as per example below. Note, we have used the standard Flat Rate Australia Post charges to determine our postage charges in this example.

You can also turn on and off which States you will deliver to using the status slider on the right of each listing. Once you have set up all your pricing scroll to the top of the screen and press SAVE.

Congratulations! You have now completed setting up the Shipping options. Next up Creating an Invoice.